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Meet Monroe Nichols

Monroe’s family has a history of public service. His grandfather was a Pastor, his father served as a police officer, and his mother spent her career as a criminal justice and higher education professional.

Monroe played football at the University of Tulsa while studying Political Science and Economics. He later earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. He wanted to improve local government and give back to the city of Tulsa.

In 2014, Monroe co-founded a non-profit called Impact Tulsa, focused on helping students in the Tulsa area. He also served on the Tulsa Technology Center Board of Education. In 2016, he made history as the first African American elected to House District 72 in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. Monroe’s work in the legislature has focused on education, accessible healthcare, economic opportunities for all Oklahomans, and revitalizing neighborhoods while reforming the justice system.

In his role as the Director of Policy and Partnerships for StriveTogether, a prominent national non-profit, Monroe works to eliminate disparities and improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families across communities.