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Nichols Plan Redefines Mayor’s Role in Education

"Tulsa’s next mayor must play a central role in improving student outcomes.”

TULSA, OK – Rep. Monroe Nichols, candidate for mayor of Tulsa, today announced a comprehensive education plan aimed at using the mayor’s office as a catalyst to improve the city's educational landscape. 

Nichols' vision promises to confront the systemic challenges and disparities currently plaguing Tulsa's education system, with a focus on equity, excellence, and economic mobility.

"Education is not just a state issue and Tulsa’s next mayor must play a central role in improving student outcomes,” Nichols said. “Together, we’re going to put Tulsa children and families on a pathway to economic mobility.” 

Amidst growing concerns about educational disparities that disproportionately affect economically disadvantaged students, Nichols' plan introduces a strategy to ensure every Tulsa child has access to a high-quality education. Tulsa's education equality score at a concerning 48 out of 100, underscores the need for drastic change.

As mayor, Nichols will create the Mayor’s Office of Children, Youth, and Families to lead this educational transformation. This office will be dedicated to closing the achievement gap and supporting Tulsa children from birth.

Key initiatives of Nichols' education plan include:

  • Create the Mayor’s Office of Children, Youth, and Families and appoint a Children’s Cabinet.

  • Build a strong and supportive relationship with all school districts within the city of Tulsa.

  • Launch the Teach in Tulsa Fund to put the best teachers in our highest-need classrooms across the city.

  • Invest in data systems and data sharing to provide real-time information. 

  • Develop new partnerships that allow non profit organizations that provide out-of-school activities and school programming to operate in city facilities.

  • Increase Tulsa’s affordable housing stock and cut Tulsa’s eviction rate.

  • Implement summer youth employment programs to bridge the gap between education and the workforce.

"I envision a Tulsa where every child can achieve their dreams, where educators feel valued and supported, and where zip codes or income no longer determine a child’s future,” Nichols said. “I will use the mayor’s office to address the systemic challenges facing Tulsa families, and together, we can build an education system grounded in excellence that produces great outcomes for children and families across our city.”

To build the plan, Nichols worked with and has the support of educators, parents and education stakeholders throughout Tulsa. 


About State Rep. Monroe Nichols:

Monroe Nichols has been a leading voice on education, healthcare, criminal justice reform, and economic growth. A four-term legislator, Nichols is an established leader in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and serves as the current chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus. Nichols brings a wealth of experience from government, business, higher-education, and non-profit sectors. Nichols has been recognized with numerous awards for his public service. As mayor, Monroe will work tirelessly to end homelessness, invest in education, expand our economy, and ensure Tulsa is the safest big city in America.


Dana Walton, Campaign Manager

(307) 258-1825

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