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State of the State Falls Short of Challenges Oklahomans Face

"Oklahomans deserve more than another year of empty promises.”

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Rep. Monroe Nichols, candidate for mayor of Tulsa, released the following statement in response to Gov. Kevin Stitt’s State of the State Address.

“For six years, the governor has promised to make Oklahoma a top state. Like the previous five, he has failed to deliver a path to get us there. Oklahomans deserve more than another year of empty promises. They deserve action. I am hopeful that my colleagues in the legislature will come together and respond to the challenges facing Oklahoma, despite the governor’s failure to acknowledge them. We must craft a plan that meets our need to end homelessness, invest in education, strengthen our workforce and ensure communities are safe. These challenges deserve serious attention and a plan of action. 

“Finally, I remain committed to a co-governing strategy with our tribal nations. At a time when Oklahoma should be united, the governor once again used his platform to marginalize our state’s first inhabitants. Unity moves at the speed of trust, unfortunately divisive rhetoric and fear mongering isn’t going to get us there.”


About State Rep. Monroe Nichols:

Monroe Nichols has been a leading voice on education, healthcare, criminal justice reform, and economic growth. A four-term legislator, Nichols is an established leader in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and serves as the current chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus. Nichols brings a wealth of experience from government, business, higher-education, and non-profit sectors. Nichols has been recognized with numerous awards for his public service. As mayor, Monroe will work tirelessly to end homelessness, invest in education, expand our economy, and ensure Tulsa is the safest big city in America.


Dana Walton, Campaign Manager

(307) 258-1825

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