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Veterans Day a Chance to Celebrate Veterans, Find Solutions

“Veterans deserve the opportunity to build a life reflective of the sacrifices made for the freedoms we all enjoy.”

TULSA, OKLA. – Rep. Monroe Nichols (D-Tulsa), candidate for Tulsa Mayor, released a statement ahead of Veterans Day honoring Tulsa’s 30,000 veterans and committing to end veteran homelessness.

“We have Veterans to thank for the freedoms we all enjoy,” Nichols said. “The number of those who have served in combat that now live on the streets in Tulsa is completely unacceptable. From day one, I have talked about a commitment to end homelessness in our community, and that starts with ending veteran homelessness, which accounts for over 10% of our overall homeless population. Ending homelessness will be a top priority of my administration. We will implement accountability measures to ensure we are working tirelessly with the community so no veteran spends their night cold and unsheltered.”

“Veterans deserve the opportunity to build a life reflective of the sacrifices made for the freedoms we all enjoy. Ending veteran homelessness is a major step in ensuring Tulsa is the best city in the world for those who have fought to keep us free.”


About State Rep. Monroe Nichols:

Monroe Nichols has consistently advocated for education, healthcare, justice reform, and economic growth. As the first African American to represent House District 72, Nichols is an established leader in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and serves as the current chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus. Nichols brings a wealth of experience from government, business, higher-education, and non-profit sectors. Nichols has been recognized with numerous awards for his public service. Now, he's ready to leverage his diverse expertise and commitment to progress to lead Tulsa into a brighter, more inclusive future.


Dana Walton, Campaign Manager 

(307) 258-1825

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